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I’m hating my country Chile so BAD – Versión Ingles April 27, 2007

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sur-de-chile.jpgWhile I’m watching the Champions league between Liverpool and Chelsea, I’m thinking about my life and its last events… Up to a while ago I was very proud of my country Chile, and the way it was growing; now I feel sorry and embarrassed for the many disappointments, injustices, abuse of authority and the lack of opportunities. There are just two possible ways that an average Chilean man could see a divorced woman in my country: 1.- We are a problem, full of debts, trying to survive and on top of it, with kids.2.- In their eyes, we are easy targets for their beds, since their tinny little brains figure we have so much needs and lack of affection, and it would be just as easy to leave us insensitive isnt it?  Do you guys have any idea, how many times I’ve had to leave a job because of sexual harassments? Around four. Only one of them was young, my age, and he went straight to my boobs. The others, same profile: with a lot of money and power. When they see the need we have of working to raise our kids, they think we are “all inclusive” we “must” stand everything. One of them wanted me to do him massages. The last one it was a couple of weeks ago, he almost own the country, he also run for the presidency a while ago, he asked me to love him and he was gonna love me back and take care of me too. He also asked me to kiss him… these people are so discussting and pathetic. I forgot to mention in my Spanish version, I’ll do it here, all of them have pacemaker… Can you imagine If I had… lol 
Chelsea scored a goal, I don’t want them to win… shit, I keep thinking… If I had accepted one of these oldies which smell like naphthalene, up to this point, I wouldn’t have had any problem, financial speaking I mean… but ethics and principles??? That’s another story.  
I have acknowledged that, relatives, friends, even CEOs i know, that multinationals have a policies of not to hire attractive or even average looking women, because they think “those women would mess the hencoop” If you understand the expression…  They don’t hire women with kids under 2 years old  either… Women have also helped to promote this form of prejudice in their own way, when I’ve had to work with women, it hasn’t been easy, as women don’t like another woman gets the attention more than them. I’ve come up with very sad and disappointed conclusions about my country lately: People are amazingly prejudiced. In my beautiful country
Chile, is a defect to be pretty, or attractive or anything over the average. I’m quite sure I’ve lost some jobs for that reason. If you don’t have a name or a relative, you will not make it, that’s a fact!!  
I’ve always voted for the “concertación governments”, I voted for my actual President Michelle Bachelet. A couple of weeks ago, I sent her an email to ask for an audition, I wanted to have the chance to talk to her (How naive!!!) I had just clicked on submit when a minute later I got the answer back, she doesn’t have time… deep down it said that, but with more ornaments. But they were fast, I’ve got to admit that…J If I’m not mistaken the slogan of her campaign was “I’m with you” mmm… Please, at least try harder to be closer!!! The same did with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Alejandro Foxley; same answer. I read in the press they were making some changes in the actual child Support law, the sentences were gonna be harder for those who didn’t meet their responsibilities with their kids… for a change, I was an exemption case, because even with those changes, they were gonna force my ex husband to pay child support to my kids, since the Cuban is in Miami right now, and the law doesn’t get there. They can’t bring him back for the “none payment of child support”, “It’s not such a huge felony to bring him back” What do you think about that? Uh?. This is another conclusion I’ve come out when already
I’m an exemption in my kids’ health insurance, their school, laws, IN EVERYTHING!!!  My kids were born in US, I’m thinking, almost convinced in going there, I already talked to a friend who lives in
New York. I have to go to US anyways because I sued my ex husband in
Miami, from here to there… you see? Exemptions everywhere…  I’m totally disenchanted of my own country, and believe me guys, this is very hard to admit for someone who lived abroad and know what is to be far away of her family, customs, cultures and everything, I think I’m already hating it, I think the whole system is not working. I’ve got a technical degree, I’m Bilingual Secretary, so, there is not such a thing like scholarship abroad or something like that for me. I belong to the middle class of this country (if still exists), well this class is completely forgotten, low class has a lot of help, subventions from the state, we don’t. I feel an intrinsic necessity of studying, I feel desperate, I feel I need to fly. Maybe for you guys is gonna sound pretty stupid for you what I’m about to say, but I’ve never felt the sensation that my body doesn’t fit in my skin, I’m breathless inside my own body. 


3 Responses to “I’m hating my country Chile so BAD – Versión Ingles”

  1. Malcolm ( Shrek) Says:

    Just a few questions for you !
    1, Your husband ? Is he regersted under us law as a resdance of the usa !
    2, What dose he do for a living ?
    3, How did you come to be in Chillie and he is in the staes ?
    4, If you were in the states you must have a regersted birth certificate for you children ! Do you you or dose your husband ?
    5, Dose your husband have a social surity number ? Or so do you know it ???

  2. Marisol Says:

    Hola Chilena:
    Estaba buscando fotos de chile en la web cuando tropese con tu blog. Lamento mucho por lo que estas pasando, no quisiera estar en tu lugar , pero si creo que tienes toda la razon en todas las opiniones de nuestro Chile. Pero lamentablemente siempre ha sido asi. Este el govierno que este, siempre ha sido asi y seguira siendo asi. Por que nuestro pais , asi como otros tambien, estan manipulados por hombres y aunque tengamos una presidenta mujer que quiera hacer cosas por nosotras tiene lejos una gran mayoria de hombres que estan en los cargos. Por lo tanto no veo un futuro alentador. Yo creo que lo mejor es que te vengas a USA, aprovecha de que hablas ingles y que tus hijas son americanas, tienes muchas ventajas que otra gente quisiera tener para venirse. Como el idioma por ejemplo. Yo me vine a USA mas o menos por lo mismo, abuso de poder, no te dan oportunidades, discriminacion laboral, sexual arrestment, y etc, etc, etc…
    Me imagino de que por el hecho de que tus hijas son nacidas en Miami (como los mios). deberias tener un derecho en demandarlo por mauntencion infantil. Pelea, dale la batalla no dejes que ese cubano sinverguenza se salga con la suya.

  3. Patty Says:

    Dear friend,

    Searching for photos, I have read your comments. I am Bilingual Secretary too, Chilean and I have experienced the same as you. If you want to share your experience, just get in touch.


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